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Kestrel Instruments Support & FAQs

Kestrel Basic (1000 - 3500) Series Manuals, Downloads, and Troubleshooting Documents

Kestrel Basic (1000-3500) Instruction Manuals

"Load and Go!" with your Kestrel 2700 and this Quick Start guide.

User guide for the Kestrel 2700 Ballistics Weather Meter

Kestrel Basic Vane Mount Instruction Manual for 123 Series

Relative Humidity Calibration Kit For calibrating the following Kestrel Meters 3000, 3500, 4000 Series and 5000 Series

User Guide for the Kestrel 1000 , 2000 , 2500 & 2500 NV , 3000 , 3500 & 3500 NV , 3500 DT

Kestrel Basic (1000-3500) Troubleshooting Documents

This document shows a quick guide on how to change the units for a Kestrel 2700.

If you are having issues with the Kestrel turning on after changing the battery, please see this document.

This document shows why some units may not power on, especially after changing the battery.

Kestrel Basic (1000-3500) Certificates of Comformity

Certificate of Conformity for the Kestrel 1000-3500DT with SNs above 2262687

Product Specifications Certificate of Conformity Kestrel Weather Meters Model Numbers 1000-3500 with Serial #’s lower than 2262687.



Support Documents for all Kestrels

Replacing the Kestrel Impeller

This program is used to transfer gun profiles to and from a Kestrel ballistics unit and Windows computer. 4500 Ballistic models can use either Bluetooth or the PC Interface cradle but must have fw version 4.93. 5700 models must use the USB Transfer cable to connect. Instructions included in zip file.

Explanation of flow lines on the back of a Kestrel 5000 Series unit.

Version 2.08 - Note if you are on version 1.49, you have the latest update. This is for newer models with different hardware.

Find answers to common Bluetooth connection issues

Product Safety and Warranty Kestrel 5000 Series