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This video series will walk you through setting up your Kestrel Ballistics meter. If you still have any questions or issues, please contact The Kestrel Support team.

How to #1: Install the Battery

In this tutorial, we go over how to install the battery and get your new Kestrel ballistics meter up and running

How to #2: Callibrate the Compass

Calibrating the compass is easy to do, as shown in this video.

How to #3: Set Latitude

How to set the latitude to your current location.

How to #4: Create a Gun Profile

How to create a gun profile on your Kestrel Ballistics meter.

How to #6: Capture Environmental Data

Capturing environmental data is what a Kestrel meter does best. Here is how you do it.

How to #7: Vane Mount Applications

In this video, you learn how to assemble the vane mount and how the vane mount enhances your Kestrel Ballistics meter.

How to #8: Calibrate Muzzle Velocity and DSF

How to calibrate muzzle velocity and drop scale factor (DSF).

How to #9: Advanced Features

Find out about some of the advanced features in a Kestrel Ballistics meter.

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For overall setting up profiles and using the Kestrel please see the following document:

Kestrel Ballistics 5 Series Instruction Manuals

A 10 step guide to setup your Kestrel to work with your gun.

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Any of the LiNK Ballistics applications will allow you to transfer gun profiles to your Kestrel. So LiNK Ballistics for iOS or LiNK Ballistics for Android will allow you to use a mobile device to transfer gun profiles but you would need to have the LiNK (i.e., Bluetooth) model. If you are using a Windows computer, you can use the Applied Ballistic Profile Loader (Version 42 or higher).

NOTE : Please be aware that currently the Applied Ballistics Profile Loader cannot be used with Bluetooth for Kestrel 5700 devices; therefore you will need to purchase the USB Transfer cable to transfer files with a Windows PC.

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Unfortunately we do not have a ballistics application that runs on a MAC.

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View this informative video, for connecting Bushnell CONX to Kestrel. NOTE:  If you are holding down the laser button on the rangefinder, the rangefinder will ignore any commands from the Kestrel. You will need to release the button on the rangefinder in order for the two devices to communicate.

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Here is comprehensive overview courtesy of Todd Hodnett:

Kestrel 4 Series Instruction Manuals (Ballistics)

Overview of the setup and use of the Kestrel 4500 Shooter's Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics

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