Research & Education

Advancing Knowledge
with Accurate Data.

Study, discover, and easily document with reliable environmental monitoring tools.

The Kestrel line of meters and loggers provides you with everything you need to collect accurate, micro-climate data and improve understanding about the immediate environment. Whether that information is applied to public regulatory uses, advanced research initiatives or citizen scientist projects aimed at gaining knowledge about the communities they live in, reliable, trusted data is required.
Be confident that with a Kestrel, you can know your conditions whenever and wherever you are – from the convenience of simple, instantaneous wind readings to the efficiency of advanced calculations such as relative air density. Go after the questions worth exploring equipped with environmental data you can trust. Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters are an accurate, reliable tool to aid in studying and understanding the world around us.

Medical & Pharma

To meet quality and safety standards in the production of medical devices and in pharmaceutical manufacturing settings, rigorous environmental testing is required. With a Kestrel Meter or data logger as an integral tool during the testing process, QA consulting professionals are and easily able to track critical data and then quickly document historical and current results that will serve as the support data for your entire quality assurance program.

By monitoring the manufacturing environment and documenting according to industry standards with a Kestrel unit’s simple wireless LiNK capabilities, sterile conditions can be demonstrated, reducing the risk to both products and company.

Product Recommendations

We raise 75,000 salmon a year at our school. Your Kestrel instruments have been indispensable in helping us to plot temperature and wind speed, which students use to calculate mean, median, and mode. In addition to learning and exercising real-world mathematics skills, the data is used to provide the salmon with the best chance of survival, and determine optimal release conditions.

Education Tools & Academic Research

Whether in a classroom, laboratory or in the field, the most important component of research is accuracy. Researchers worldwide trust Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters to give them reliable measurements for a diverse range of studies. From environmental conservation, marine and ocean research to cave research and scientific expeditions, the Kestrel Meter makes gathering real-time data simple. The Kestrel 5000 series with Bluetooth® low energy data transfer makes documenting conditions and in-depth analysis simple with instant wireless capabilities in the field or in the lab.

Product Recommendations

The new small data loggers (Kestrel DROPs) will be very valuable in our rhino translocation operations in Africa. Overheating of rhinos during the translocation process are significant concerns. The new mini data loggers would be very valuable in situations where we cannot take the animal's temperature using a standard thermometer, inside a crate during transport to a new site.
-Robin W. Radcliffe, DVM
Senior Lecturer in Wildlife and Conservation Medicine
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Environmental Research & Scientific Expeditions

Scientific expeditions and environmental study projects often lead researchers to extreme environments. Kestrel Weather Meters perform in the toughest of conditions at high accuracy. Our meters have traveled with researchers on mountaintops, to remote jungles and across glaciers. Barometric pressure and dewpoint help to predict weather trends; wind chill and heat stress index warn of dangerous conditions for long-term exposure. The Kestrel 5000 series' extensive memory and Bluetooth® low energy data transfer capabilities are ideal for keeping logs or sending information back to camp. Stay prepared, stay safe and stay on course with a Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meter. The Kestrel DROP provides quick and easy monitoring and data logging capabilities from anywhere - simply attach the DROP to a stationary point and remotely access environmental data via your remote device within 100' range.

Product Recommendations

I'm using the Kestrel Drop in an Exposure Science course for Master's of Public Health students, where the students actually partner with community members to collect indoor air quality. I am also using them in a community-engaged air quality study where we are placing stationary outdoor monitors for several months and need to be able to collect long-term temp and RH data.
-Diana Rohlman, PhD
Assistant Professor, Sr. Research
College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Laboratory Monitoring

Kestrel meters and data loggers are used in a variety of research programs and initiatives. When it comes to collecting data, accuracy is critical to maintaining research integrity. Kestrel environmental monitoring tools are preferred by academic and professional researchers for their accuracy, reliability, and durability both in the lab and in the field. Laboratory monitoring requires easy-to-use tools that can be mounted or moved to accommodate different needs. The Kestrel provides both the mobility desired and the functionality necessary.

Product Recommendations

The Kestrel 5500 Agriculture meter or is a must for protecting your interests when spraying crop protection products..especially with the new regulations.
-Dr. Robert Wolfe
Wolf Agriculture Consulting & Research

Horticulture and Farming

Horticulturists study the delicate details of plant life and therefore require a precise, accurate tool for monitoring such complex life systems. Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters can be used for research in plant cultivation and breeding, crop production, genetic engineering, plant biochemistry and plant physiology. Environmental stresses affect the health and behavior of plant life. Effectively monitor significant conditions that contribute to plant quality, crop yield, and insect and disease resistance, such as humidity, wind, dewpoint, altitude and more.

Product Recommendations