Kestrel Accessories

Kestrel’s line of accessories increases the versatility of our hand held meters and makes them even easier to use. Between vane mounts, tripods, connectivity tools, mounting poles and more, you’re sure to find something to make your Kestrel handheld meter even more useful and your job easier.
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    Kestrel Impeller
    Individually calibrated replacement impeller for ALL Kestrel models. Learn More
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    Kestrel RH Calibration Kit
    Kestrel RH Calibration Kit to ensure your Kestrel is always performing within specification. Learn More
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    ATI Wind Wrap

    Get a clear view of your Kestrel firing solution without coming off the gun. Ensure your Kestrel moves with you between positions and is ready to use. Mount your Kestrel weather meter to any rifle sling, MALICE Clip, or tripod/bipod leg easily and securely with the military-proven ATI Wind Wrap."

    Learn More
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    Kestrel LiNK Wireless Dongle for PC or Mac, Kestrel 5 Series
    Wirelessly transfer data logs and update firmware via Bluetooth® low energy with this handy wireless USB dongle. Learn More
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    Pelican 1015 Micro Case
    Keep your Kestrel safe with this sturdy polycarbonate case. Learn More
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    Serial to USB cable
    Use the Serial to USB Cable to connect a Kestrel Interface to Via Serial to USB to a computer. Learn More
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    Kestrel 4000 Screen Protector Kit
    Keep your Kestrel 4 Series screen looking new with the screen protector kit. Learn More
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    USB Data Transfer Cable, Kestrel 5 Series
    Transfer data logs and update firmware with this USB cable. Learn More
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    Rotating Vane Mount and Carry Case, Kestrel 5 Series
    Turn your Kestrel 5 Series meter into a complete weather station with the Kestrel Rotating Vane Mount. Learn More
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    Screen Protector Kit, Kestrel 5 Series
    Keep your Kestrel 5 Series screen looking new with the screen protector kit. Learn More
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    Kestrel Collapsible Lightweight Tripod

    A tripod fitted with the same Kestrel friendly clamp as on our mini tripod. Will accommodate any Kestrel model. Or remove the clamp to attach the Vane Mount.

    Learn More
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    10"-22" Magnetic/Suction extendable 1/4"-20 mounting pole

    10 to 22 inch extendable mounting pole attaches with either of the included magnetic base or suction base.

    Learn More
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    28"-49" Extendable 1/4"-20 mounting pole
    28 to 49 inch aluminum Kestrel vane mounting pole. Learn More
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    Kestrel 7" 1/4"-20 Mounting Pole
    Seven inch aluminum mounting pole for a vane mounted Kestrel. Learn More
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    Pole/Tree Mounting bracket
    28 to 49 inch aluminum mounting bracket for 7" and 28"-49" poles. Learn More
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