Kestrel Impeller


Individually calibrated replacement impeller for ALL Kestrel models.

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Kestrel Impeller Overview

With a replacement impeller on hand, you can be sure your Kestrel is always ready to provide fully accurate wind or air flow measurements. Each impeller is individually calibrated in our NIST traceable wind tunnel to Kestrel specifications and comes with its own Certificate of Conformity. Simply replacing the impeller in any Kestrel meter of any age restores factory calibration. And the best thing? Replacing your impeller is hassle-free and tool-free – just press the new impeller into place, popping out the old one at the same time. That’s a Kestrel patented feature. Field impeller replacement is a breeze, so maintaining Kestrel accuracy is too.

Compatible with: Kestrel 1000-3500, Kestrel 4000 Series, Kestrel 5 Series

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Support Documents for all Kestrels

Replacing the Kestrel Impeller

Kestrel 5 Series Troubleshooting Documents

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Product Questions

All of our impellers are the same throughout the models. The replacement is found here: Regards, Joe Racosky Permalink
  1. Kestrel Calibration FAQs All Kestrel meters are accurate and rugged right out of the box. Because Kestrel meters last a long time -- often operating in extreme environments – there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to calibration. Below are some quick tips on Kestrel 5000 series calibration needs.