Weather Watching & Meteorology

Data-Driven Insight
for Weather Observation

Weather Watching with Reliable Environmental Readings

Storm chasers, spotters, emergency management officials, environmental researchers, and meteorologists all rely on the Kestrel for accurate, instantaneous weather information that can be used to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us.
Observe and examine the wonders of weather with an inside look at what is happening under the surface. With a Kestrel meter, gain access to the environmental details that reveal nature's story. Log changing conditions and track patterns for forecasting and data collection endeavors.

Professional Meteorology

From local weather stations to the national Weather channel, meteorologists choose Kestrel meters as the preferred handheld tool for monitoring the environment. Easy to use, lightweight, and portable – you can quickly view basic weather details such as wind speed and temperature, while it also serves as a handy visual aid for an audience with real-time data. Logging and wireless transfer capabilities make it simple to save, send, and share microclimate trends for later analysis.

Product Recommendations

We live in a high-rise condo and wanted to know what the weather was up on our balcony since we spend a good amount of time there. This little weather station is just exactly what we wanted. It works great. We mount the Kestrel on a tripod while we're outside. We also use it to monitor humidity inside. Can’t say enough positive about it.
-Carroll B.

Home or Hobby Weather

The art and science of amateur weather forecasting requires a reliable, affordable tool that is easy to set up and use. For citizen scientists, Skywarn spotters, and other enthusiastic weather bugs – Kestrel meters and loggers offer the ultimate gadget to satisfy the need for accurate data and detailed insight into the environment.

Product Recommendations

We recorded [and graphed] barometric pressure trace with the Kestrel 5500 while inside the calm eye of Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas. Bottomed out at 940mb! Thanks to Kestrel for providing the equipment needed to document history!
- Mike Theiss
National Geographic Photographer & Storm Chaser

Storm Chasing

Pursuing the path of a severe weather event involves a sense of adventure, experience, and reliable equipment rugged enough to withstand the conditions while documenting the details. Waterproof, drop-tested, and extremely accurate – the Kestrel line of meters and loggers can monitor and record all environmental conditions. Wireless data transfer makes it easy to later chart or display a storm’s timeline from the collected data.

Product Recommendations

Our Kestrel anemometer traveled to New Zealand where we have one of our meteorologists checking out geysers, volcanoes, and impacts to weather.
-WeatherBoy Team

Meteorology Research

Studying severe weather patterns and large-scale atmospheric changes often involves understanding the impact of microclimate variables. The line of Kestrel environmental monitoring tools offers portable solutions for gathering accurate weather data anywhere - in the lab or out in the elements.

Product Recommendations

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