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  1. People Behind the Products: Meet Sheri

    People Behind the Products: Meet Sheri Sheri has worked at NK for the past five years, although one could say this isn't her first rodeo. This is Sheri's second, having worked with us for two years before taking leave for personal reasons. She returned to us in the spring of 2014. Most practiced in building batteries for our Blue Ocean megaphones, Sheri has also been cross-trained in Read more...
  2. People Behind the Products: Meet Bob

    People Behind the Products: Meet Bob Bob joined the NK team back in 2008. He works as the lean manufacturing engineer for our rowing and sports products, including CoxBox, megaphone, SpeedCoach, GPS, and Oarlock. As part of his job, Bob is responsible for a wide range of duties like working with our design engineers to develop processes for products, designing the layout and work of Read more...
  3. People Behind the Products

    People Behind the Products Nielsen Kellerman Company (NK) has been building products sold worldwide in Delaware County, PA for thirty years and continues to expand across product lines and customer markets. We are proud of our local roots, and we are thrilled that our continued growth here results not only in innovation and product advancements for our customers – but Read more...
  4. Keep Your Workers Safe With Kestrel Instruments

    Keep Your Workers Safe With Kestrel Instruments

    Construction workers brave many hazards. Working with heavy equipment, at various heights, and in dangerous environmental conditions cause injuries consistently. In 2017, a total of 259 on-the-job deaths were reported – or 14.1 deaths per 100,000 full-time construction workers. Also that year, 21,760 nonfatal injuries were reported.

  5. Interview with the 2019 King of 2 Miles

    Interview with the 2019 King of 2 Miles

    In this article, we hear from the reigning champion of King of 2 Miles, Paul Phillips, captain of Team Global Precision Group (GPG). Some of the best ELR shooters in the world come to compete every year for the chance to earn the KO2M title. Here Paul shares what it's all about and what the match experience was like.

  6. Precision Dragon Elite Youth Shooting Team

    Precision Dragon Elite Youth Shooting Team

    Kevin Taylor shares how the Precision Dragon Elite Youth Team in Tennessee Got its Start in PRS

    Competitive Shooting can offer junior shooters the opportunity to learn new skills, take on challenging situations, build confidence, and demonstrate responsibility and teamwork. Plus, it gets them off their phones and into the great outdoors!

  7. All About Muzzle Velocity

    All About Muzzle Velocity

    Truing your muzzle velocity is an important step for achieving shooting accuracy, though I often hear shooters say that they skip it. I've found that the ones who tend to skip that step, are also, frequently, the same shooters that then talk about missing the mark at long range shots.

  8. Precision Rifle Shooting: Rookie Experience & Insider Tips

    Precision Rifle Shooting: Rookie Experience & Insider Tips

    I am a competitive person. I admit it. I actually enjoy beating my kids in mini golf. I have competed at all levels, particularly in sports starting with little league softball to the recent World Championship Dragon Boat Competition 2017. When I approached the starting line at the World Championships, fully aware of the USA team name splashed across the back of my shirt, it made me pause to reflect and take a deep breath. I was poised and ready to win. This type of excitement and purpose is echoed in other passion sports like shooting.

  9. Long-Range Shooting Tips with Todd Hodnett

    Long-Range Shooting Tips with Todd Hodnett

    Recoil Magazine dubbed him “The Long Range Cowboy”. When it comes to shooting, this man is the expert. Todd Hodnett of Accuracy 1st, Inc has trained the military's top snipers and continues to be one of the most sought after instructors in the world. In this video series, he talks about how you can learn to be a better shooter before you even hit the range by training with a Kestrel Ballistics Meter. Watch the whole series for tips on long-range shooting!

  10. What is Density Altitude?

    What is Density Altitude?

    While many of us don't think about density altitude in our everyday lives, it impacts the environment and even how airplanes perform while in the air. With dense air, nitrogen and oxygen are tightly packed together to make the surrounding air heavier than other locations. Air density varies depending on where you're located in the world, but temperature and altitude are two primary factors that influence density altitude.


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