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Ghost Hunting with Kestrel Instruments: A Scientific Approach to the Supernatural

Ghost Hunting with Kestrel Instruments: A Scientific Approach to the Supernatural

Ghost hunting has long been a subject of fascination for those who seek to explore the mysterious and unexplained. While many consider it a fringe activity, there is a growing community of individuals who approach ghost hunting with a scientific mindset, using tools and instruments to gather data and investigate paranormal phenomena. Kestrel meters, originally designed for weather monitoring and environmental research, have found an unexpected use in this field, aiding paranormal investigators in their quest for evidence of the supernatural. Kestrel Meters have become an integral part of modern ghost hunting and how they provide a more objective and data-driven approach to paranormal investigation.

You may have spotted Kestrel meters on popular ghost hunting TV shows as a key piece of the paranormal investigative kit.

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The Weather Channel uses Kestrel meters throughout their ghost hunting adventure.

In the book Monster Hunters by Tea Krulos, the author lists the standard equipment used to track ghostly activity, including a flashlight, a Geiger counter, a geophone, and a Kestrel weather meter.

Monster Hunters book by Tea Krulos, mentions Kestrel meters as an essential paranormal investigative tool.

For overnight investigations, the Kestrel 5500 can be easily set up with a Rotating Vane Mount and left on a Tripod to continuously record any fluctuating changes – tracking air movement, temperature, barometric pressure, and more. If you’re interested in logging data and need to simply spot check conditions, the Kestrel 3500NV is perfect for the job. It even has a dim red backlight for nighttime use!

“Since weather is caused by changes in energy and paranormal activity may be linked to energy, it is a theory that should be studied further and documented scientifically,” said by explains how wind, temperature, and humidity could link to potential paranormal activity in the area.

One of the most commonly monitored parameters in ghost hunting is temperature. Ghost hunters believe that sudden and unexplained temperature fluctuations can be a sign of paranormal activity. Kestrel Meters provide accurate and real-time temperature readings, helping investigators identify any significant changes that might coincide with reported ghostly encounters. These fluctuations, they theorize, could be related to the energy expended by spirits or the manifestation of a ghostly presence. Kestrel Meters are handheld devices that are primarily used for measuring various environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and wind speed. Ghost hunters have repurposed these instruments to monitor the environment during paranormal investigations.

Ghost hunting with Kestrel Meters represents a unique fusion of science and the supernatural. By using these instruments to monitor environmental variables, paranormal investigators hope to collect data that supports their claims of ghostly encounters. While Kestrel Meters provide an objective and data-driven approach to ghost hunting, it's important to remember that the field remains highly speculative, and many of the phenomena associated with the supernatural have yet to be scientifically verified.

If you decide to explore the world of ghost hunting with Kestrel Meters, do so with an open mind, a critical eye, and a commitment to ethical and responsible investigation. After all, the true nature of the paranormal remains a mystery waiting to be unraveled

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