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Construction and building trades require skill, knowledge and experience to deliver solid results. Weather can negatively affect even the best laid efforts. The Kestrel line of meters and data loggers provide a reliable, flexible monitoring solution allowing you to account for environmental conditions that cost you time, money and labor.
Tracking environmental conditions can help you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and ensure optimum productivity, while also detecting early warning signs of potential costly disasters such as equipment or structural failure. Built-in job-specific calculations eliminate the need for reference charts or timely manual effort. Wireless data transfer capabilities make detailed record keeping simple and convenient to document and share with others.

Concrete Pouring & Placement

Plastic shrinkage cracks occur when the surface of the concrete dries rapidly and shrinks before it can gain sufficient tensile strength. When ambient conditions and concrete temperatures combine to produce conditions that create a high evaporation rate, the chances of the surface drying prematurely and shrinkage cracks forming increases. Use a Kestrel 3000 to measure the relative humidity, ambient temperature and wind velocity right where the concrete is being placed, then calculate the evaporation rate using reference charts. Even better, use a Kestrel 5200 and get a direct readout of evaporation rate. Either way, taking the steps needed to prevent plastic shrinkage cracking can save you thousands of dollars, and your reputation.

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It's imperative to check the conditions prior to and during surface preparation and coating installation operations. Too windy can affect application (dry spray) and cause overspray damage. Mixing/application of coatings under adverse weather conditions can void the manufacturer's warranty.
- William D. Corbett
KTA-Tator, Inc.

Painting & Coating, Bridge Maintenance

Bridges and other large steel structures are painted with coatings that protect the integrity of the steel and prevent corrosion. It is critical to monitor ambient temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint as well as the surface temperature of the steel to ensure good adhesion and proper curing. A Kestrel Meter does the job.

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This is a great little product. It is an all-round weather and environmental meter with additional HVAC functionality. I would highly recommend the Bluetooth feature if you want to easily log and analyze data on your laptop.
- Brian P.
HVAC technician

HVAC, System Commissioning, Dehumidification

HVAC/R system commissioning and verification can determine that a system is working correctly, or can identify a problem area in a faulty system. Volume air flow is a calculation based on the air velocity and the dimensions of the flow opening, and it’s one of the most important measurements HVAC/R professionals require. The Kestrel 5200 automatically calculates air flow in CFM, making the technician’s job easier and faster. Because it also measures the moisture content of the air, it is quickly becoming an essential piece of equipment for the dehumidification and mold inspection and remediation professional as well.

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Kestrel's measurement of wind speed shows consistency model to model, including testing fans and ventilation systems. I was even able to test my air conditioner and make small adjustments in the room to make it most efficient.

Home Inspections

A large portion of any home inspection will be dedicated to examining the heating and air conditioning systems. Quickly checking the consistency of warm and/or cool air in each room is as easy as entering the duct and holding a Kestrel 5200 in the air flow. The 5200 also logs data with the press of a button, allowing home inspectors to save data and review it back at the office when writing up their report.

Product Recommendations

I needed something simple to use and understand for field supervisors to use in field. The Kestrel meter has lived up to expectations and is affordable to buy for a whole team of supervisors.
- Hector Martinez
Site Safety Manager

Industrial Hygiene & Worksite Conditions

Industrial Hygiene professionals aim to monitor and protect the health of workers and the community. Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters enable Industrial Hygienists and Safety Managers to do just that by providing accurate, reliable information on job site conditions. Kestrel meters are used to evaluate ventilation in hazardous materials remediation (e.g. asbestos abatement and mold remediation), where contractors must set up negative pressure containments using HEPA-filtered fan units.

Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Trackers are the trusted compact, and waterless Wet-Bulb-Globe-Temperature monitors for protecting both indoor and outdoor workers.

Product Recommendations

The Kestrel's WBGT function easily gives you the information needed to protect your workers. The WBGT measurement accounts for ambient temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and the convective heat loss from wind speed. It's a comprehensive measure of how much heat stress your laborer might be experiencing.
Yuri Hosokawa, PhD, ATC, LAT
Korey Stringer Institute
Vice President of Communication

Outdoor Workers & Heat Stress Safety

OSHA is campaigning to prevent heat illness in outdoor workers and reports that every year thousands of workers become sick, and some even die, working in the heat. In every instance, accurate and localized measurement of heat stress conditions is a key component of a heat illness prevention plan. The Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker answers this need.

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Temperature and relative humidity measurements are collected as part of indoor environmental quality investigations because these parameters affect the perception of comfort in an indoor environment. ASHRAE recommends that indoor relative humidity be maintained at or below 65%. The EPA recommends maintaining indoor relative humidity between 30 and 60% to reduce mold growth [EPA 2012].

Moisture Monitoring & Remediation

Environmental assessments require accurate data to properly inspect facilities and protect the health and safety of occupants. Kestrel meters and data loggers allow environmental health professionals to perform site assessments and quickly get a better picture of problem areas. Small, rugged, inexpensive DROPs can be left in every room of a facility to easily collect and log continuous data from multiple locations. Wireless alerts can be set up to notify onsite inspectors if readings signify any potential issues, allowing them to respond immediately. Data Logging and wireless transfer capabilities document job progress and environmental data that can be easily shared via email with clients and managers.

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