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You can obtain a new battery door from our site here: Battery Doors ... Read more

Please make sure to turn off either the Kestrel or the HUD after using them. While both have an Auto Shutdown mode (when enabled), neither unit will turn off when connected to each other. Therefore if you throw a connected Kestrel and HUD into your bag when finished shooting, neither will turn off until the battery dies (or you eventually turn them off).

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Our DROPs use the standard CR2025 battery coin cell which can provide 3-4 months of battery life. If you want, the DROPs can use a CR2050 battery which can get you an extra month or two of battery life, however you will need to change the battery door and purchase a Kestrel 123 battery door for the DROP to make it fit

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We have replacement battery doors we can send you. Please see this link: Replacement Doors

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Battery life will depend on Bluetooth usage. Typical usage without using the app frequently should get 130 hours of battery life. Battery life goes down drastically when connect to the app and live streaming the wind values, especially in colder temperatures.

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As can be seen in the pictures below, place your thumb on the bottom of the unit and slide the latch from the “Locked” to the “Unlocked” position. The battery door should pop up enough that you can remove it. If you have trouble opening the battery door, some slight pressure DOWN on the battery door itself with your other thumb may help release the latch.

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First slide in the tab at towards the top of the unit, then gently press the bottom part of the battery door down until it snaps into place.  Ensure that the O-ring remains in place on the battery door when closing.

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No. Since the Kestrel 5 Series meters utilize only one AA battery, there is no need to use the battery shim to separate two AAA batteries as in the previous version.

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NK strongly recommends continual use of Lithium AA batteries in your Kestrel.  Lithium batteries respond best in extreme temperatures and help prevent against any corrosion.  Customers can also use Alkaline or Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) if they prefer, but we recommend turning “Auto Store” to “OFF” when placing these units in storage to minimize the drain on the battery.  Also, please make sure you set the System->Battery setting to match the type of batteries that you are using.

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  • They are lighter
  • They offer much longer life with Bluetooth® low energy applications
  • They offer better cold weather performance
  • They WILL NOT leak in storage application, even with the low level power drain of data-logging.
  • They protect and expensive Kestrel Weather Meter from internal damage due to inexpensive and leak-prone alkaline batteries.
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Set the logging rate to the max, 12 hours. You could set the data refresh rate to its max, 1 minute, but that will only have an effect when connected to the DROP. Also if you connect to the DROP in colder weather, this will affect battery life more than in warmer temperatures. If possible, warm up the DROP before doing a data upload to Kestrel LiNK to help with battery life.

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