Why Weather Meters Outperform Weather Apps for Accuracy Measurements

Why Weather Meters Outperform Weather Apps for Accuracy Measurements

When you check the forecast on a weather app, you'll find that it doesn't necessarily offer the most accurate information for your specific location. Many times the weather app will call for rain, yet you don’t see a drop the entire day. Kestrel weather & environmental meters are superior to most weather apps on the market, and one of the secrets behind it's accuracy boils down to microclimates.

What is a Microclimate?

A microclimate is a distinctive climate of a small-scale area. This includes areas of a park, neighborhoods in a city, even your own backyard garden! Weather is variable between microclimates, ranging from differences in wind, humidity, and temperature. The surface of the ground at your location along with surrounding structures or existing landscape contribute to determining the microclimate makeup of an area. For example, the influence from the properties in sand, soil, grass, or asphalt can have significant and varying effects on the ambient temperature and relative humidity in a microclimate. Most forecasting algorithms do not take microclimates into consideration, which can result in weather data that's flat out wrong. There are some professions that require extremely accurate weather data to make decisions regarding not just health or safety – but life or death. These include wildland firefighters battling a wind-whipped blaze, athletic trainers responsible for preventing heat illness or heat stroke, and emergency first responders charged with containing the spread of hazardous materials lingering in the air. For certain activities, microclimate conditions can help or hinder your performance and outcome. Bracket racers measure microclimate data to make the best dial-in decisions before racing. Hang gliders and drone operators need to know accurate wind to catch the best drift and avoid equipment damage. If accurate environmental data is important for your needs, then onsite measurement is necessary.

More of Microclimates: Types of Microclimates

It's important to realize that not all microclimates are created equal. Large microclimates include the following:

  • Upland regions
  • Coastal regions
  • Forests
  • Urban

Each climate has its own criteria with how it compares to other types of climates. The example table below shows how urban microclimates compare with rural locations:

Other Factors that Impact a Weather App

When the weather receives data from the local weather station—which is typically located at an airport—the station itself can be 20+ miles away. With microclimates, 20 miles makes a big difference in terms of temperature, wind, and humidity.

Get the Most Accurate Reading with Kestrel Weather Meter

Whether you depend on an accurate reading for your hobby, work, or safety, it's not enough to rely on the popular weather app on your phone's app store.

There is a variety of Kestrel weather meters that hit the mark on accurate weather data. They provide real-time weather data, down to the minute, that you can rely on no matter the microclimate or your location in the world.

For example, the Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter is a rugged and highly accurate weather meter that calculates wind speed, temperature, pressure, wind chill, wind speed, and more. Even as one of our most basic models, you can rely on the Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter. Use this meter and our other models such as Kestrel Advanced Environmental Meters (5000-5500) and our Kestrel DROP data loggers. These devices provide a wide range of weather-reading options that provide the most accurate readings in the industry.

Browse our Kestrel Meters and take a look at our applications to learn more about accurate weather reporting.

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