Measuring Wind Speed with the Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind Meter

Measuring Wind Speed with the Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind Meter

The Kestrel 2000 pocket wind meter is one of the best instruments for outdoor enthusiasts, especially for those who enjoy kiteboarding. Gaining popularity in the 1990s, kiteboarding is a water adventure sport that uses a kite to pull yourself on a board on top of the water. The kite is connected to a harness that’s strapped to your midsection, and the Kestrel 2000 wind meter can enhance the kiteboarding experience for pros and novices.

The Kestrel 2000 wind meter is an elementary wind meter reading device, but it’s an essential instrument for kiteboarding. This wind meter can effectively read the current wind speed, average wind speed, and even maximum wind gust.

While the Kestrel 2000 is quite accurate with measuring wind speed, there are several considerations to keep in mind for the best kiteboarding experience possible.

First, rapid temperature and humidity changes can impact the accuracy of the wind meter, such as going from indoors to outdoors. Before you rely on the meter readings, use force airflow over the meter by waving it in the air. You’ll then need to wait a few minutes until the meter adapts to the environment.

To maximize your reading, Kestrel Instruments suggests:

  • Ensuring the meter is in good repair and properly calibrated.
  • Taking readings frequently while kiteboarding.
  • Allow meter readings to stabilize before use.
  • Allow 2-3% margin for error.

Beginner Kiteboarding Tips

Now that you know how the Kestrel 2000 wind meter can help you excel with kiteboarding, here are a few more tips to get the best experience possible:

  • The majority of kiteboarding is about kite control. Begin training for kiteboarding on the beach.
  • Use a special training kite that includes straight and easy-to-control lines.
  • To see the kite, push forward with one hand while simultaneously pulling back with the other.
  • Larger boards are easier for beginners to control until they become experienced.
  • It’s recommended to begin your kiteboarding by taking official classes.
  • Use a wind meter such as Kestrel 2000 for best wind speed accuracy.

The Kestrel 2000 pocket wind meter is top-notch for kiteboarding as well as a variety of other sports, such as paragliding. Take your kiteboarding to the next level with today’s best weather meter.

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