CRUSH it at the Range

Show off your long-range shot and receive a first edition Kestrel Challenge Coin!

Use your Kestrel Ballistics Weather Meter for first shot confidence to get you on target. Snap and tag #KestrelCRUSH with a photo of your Kestrel Shoot-N-C reactive target and upload to your favorite social media channel. We also encourage you to share other shot details such as shot distance, rifle, scope, range, etc.

If you need additional targets, they are available on the Kestrel CRUSH Target page.

Kestrel CRUSH Challenge:

  1. Take a photo of your Kestrel Shoot-N-C target
  2. Upload to social media
  3. Use hashtag #KestrelCRUSH and target distance
  4. Submit shipping address and shot details in the form below

Already made your shot?

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