Pricing Guide: KestrelMet 6000 is the Most Affordable Professional-Grade Weather Station

Pricing Guide: KestrelMet 6000 is the Most Affordable Professional-Grade Weather Station

When you are searching for an all-in-one cellular ruggedized weather station, you will find a plethora of options as well as prices.

While you can find weather stations that cost a considerable amount of money, the truth is that you don't have to spend way over your budget to get top-of-the-line technology.

When it comes to affordability, KestrelMet 6000 it's truly the most affordable option on the market, especially in terms of what it has to offer.

Whether you are a backyard weather enthusiast or you're monitoring climate conditions in exotic areas of the world, this is why the KestrelMet 6000 gives you the best return on investment.

The KestrelMet Weather Station Costs Less

The KestrelMet 6000 is the lowest-priced option that you'll find for comparative weather stations. There are other options on the market, but they come with a higher price tag and fewer benefits.

For example, the price tags might not seem bad on some competitor options. However, you have to take a close look at all of the upgrades and total costs for the first and second years of use.

Additional charges, including activation fees in microclimate dashboards, add up. With Kestrel, there are no hidden fees.

KestrelMet 6000 Cellular Weather Station KestrelMet 6000 Competitor 1 KestrelMet 6000 Competitor 1
KestrelMet 6000 HOBO Davis Pro
Weather Station $1,299 $1,556 $710
Data Plan Cost Free first year then $50/yr $150 / year $220 / year
Online Dashboard Free $48/year Free
Modem & Activation Fee N/A N/A $895 + $30 one time fee
1st Year Cost $1,299 $1,754 $1,855
3 Year Cost $1,399 $2,150 $2,295
Warranty 2 years 1 year 1 year
Configuration Time 5 Mins 20 Mins 45 Mins
Installation Time 20 Mins 45 Mins 60 Mins

Low-Cost Data Plan

The good news is that for your first year, there is no charge for your data plan. Beyond that, it's just $50 a year.

Easy Ordering Process

Customers love the easy and intuitive process when it comes to ordering their new KestrelMet 6000.

There is no need to stress over details such as choosing individual sensors. We have packaged exceptional technology into one unit, so you won't have to think about what you need with your weather station.

Once you start your order, it is a streamlined and easy process from beginning to end.

Kestrel Comes Pre-Assembled

They say time is money, which is especially true when attempting to put together unfamiliar technology. It's for this reason that we engineered the KestrelMet 6000 as a pre-assembled unit.

It means that you won't waste time setting up the cellular weather station. Coming out of the box pre-assembled, it is an intuitive process for setup designed to get you moving for your immediate enjoyment.

Rugged hardware and a warranty make for a quality piece built to last well into the future, so you aren't buying new weather stations every couple of years.

Get KestrelMet 6000 Now

With a robust online dashboard and mobile app, the return on investment of Kestrel is hard to beat. The combination of components makes it the most affordable cellular weather station on the market.

Click here to learn more about KestrelMet 6000 with all its features and functions.

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