Kestrel Branding Program

Kestrel Branding Program

Build brand loyalty and recognition by customizing Kestrel Weather and Environmental Meters and Loggers with your company name, logo, colors or slogan.

Align your company’s image with the world’s most reliable, rugged line of handheld and portable weather and environmental monitoring tools by taking advantage of our custom branding options.

Give your customers a tool they will truly appreciate and recognize as high-value while keeping your brand uppermost in their mind. Kestrel Weather and Environmental Instruments are known for their ruggedness, accuracy and US production in dozens of demanding professions. Kestrel’s newest products also provide wireless LiNK connectivity to highly-functional viewing and reporting apps which can also be customized and branded to your needs.  Whatever your application or brand identity needs, NK can work with you to develop a unique solution.

Kestrel's Just-in-Time Lean manufacturing facility and network of US-based suppliers allows us to produce your branded program with a very short lead time - just a few weeks from approval depending on the level of customization and number of pieces desired.  Kestrel has successfully delivered dozens of branding programs from 100’s of pieces to 1,000’s. Our programs have included:

  • Branded wind meters employed as sales incentives by large agricultural seed and chemical suppliers

  • Branded complete weather meters provided to subscribers of an international weather information service

  • Branded DROP data loggers employed as sales incentives

Kestrel Branding Program Options

  • Custom Brand Identity – Almost any cosmetic aspect of the Kestrel can be modified to fit your needs:
    • Case color
    • Window ID
    • Pad printed logo or slogan
    • Functionality (Engineering fees apply)
    • Packaging & Inserts
  • Custom Branded Application – Incorporate your name and identity into the LiNK wireless communications app.

Branded Kestrel Meters and Loggers offer an ideal branding opportunity to include in promotional programs or campaigns:

  • Volume purchase incentives
  • Welcome kits for new distributor / seller
  • Corporate holiday gift programs
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Customer appreciation programs
  • Field testing initiatives/ user acceptance testing
  • Employee incentives

Branded Kestrel Meters can also be provided to field sales and technical personnel – lending authority to presentations and equipment validations.

Customizing the Kestrel LiNK iOS and Android apps provides additional opportunities for customer contact:

  • Increase customer loyalty by keeping customers closely linked to your brand
  • Increase revenue and margin by increasing direct sales
  • Increase revenue stream though sales of DROPS
  • Provide additional insight into customers’ behavior through app analytics

Contact us today to learn how the Kestrel team can deliver custom products for your unique industry applications and customers. 

Chuck Arkell, Director of Sales & Marketing,