Private Label Order Creates Job Opportunity at NK

September was quite a busy month at NK. In fact, we received a large order from one of our Japan-based customers, Weathernews, for 10,000 weather meters. This new order created nine temporary manufacturing positions on our production floor. Weathernews is a Japan-based company founded in 1986. The company’s mission is to serve developing nations where many lives are lost each year in natural weather disasters. Reaching over 6.7 billion people across the world, their slogan is "Always with you."

Weathernews took advantage of NK’s extensive customization and private labeling options for its order of Kestrel 3500 Weather Meters. Before starting production, some members of the NK team met with Weathernews’ management to ensure that the unit being manufactured for them would truly represent their brand.  The company’s owners were able to select the color of the case and window and the design of the packaging label. The multi-function meters were then branded with the Weathernews logo and packaged with Japanese language instructions. The units will soon be distributed to Weathernews subscribers and field weather reporters at no cost, keeping their mission alive.

In addition to growing US exports and supporting the US economy through sourcing of raw materials, this order has helped directly employ several Philadelphia and Delaware County residents, many of whom would have otherwise been jobless. “We are teaching the new hires electronic assembly, soldering and lean manufacturing skills which will benefit them in the future” said NK’s Human Resources Manager, Paula Whittaker. “If this project translates into recurring sales, the employees may be eligible for full-time positions and company paid benefits.”

This was a win-win situation for Nielsen-Kellerman, not only are we having fun creating a unique Kestrel Weather Meter for a customer, we also added nine new people to our team to help with the project. If you have any questions about our private labeling option, let us know!

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