NK CEO Alix James to present at Greater Philadelphia Manufacturing Summit

On Wednesday, October 1st, NK CEO Alix James will be one of the many prestigious speakers at the DVIRC’s Greater Philadelphia Manufacturing Summit. The goals of the Manufacturing Summit are to inspire and educate people on the best practices for energizing your business, celebrating advanced manufacturing, and learning the latest best practices to support business growth, continuous improvement and workforce development.

As CEO of Nielsen-Kellerman, Alix James is Lean Champion certified and a strong believer in the power of Lean to keep US manufacturers competitive on the world stage. NK prides itself on continuously improving products, processes, flow and inventory management to stay cost-competitive and provide quality products to customers.

One of the best practices used at NK is the Andon light system. This system allows immediate, real-time communication of problems as they occur in the manufacturing process. For example, when a "red andon light" is called, employees meet and identify issues in the process and develop resolutions quickly. Alix will be presenting more about the Andon system at the "Strategies for Continuous Improvement" breakout session from 12:40 to 2:40 at the Manufacturing Summit at Simeone Automotive Museum.