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Agricultural Environmental Monitoring

The Kestrel Agriculture line gives you reliable, site-specific weather data you can count on to make critical management decisions to increase yield, reduce losses, and boost profit.

"Weather conditions such as wind, temperature, relative humidity and precipitation influence the effectiveness of spray applications and the potential for wastage by run-off and drift."
-Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
"How Weather Conditions Affect Spray Applications"

With four products designed to help agriculture and livestock professionals better manage their farm operations for maximum efficiency and productivity, these accurate environmental monitoring meters provide an affordable solution for modern farming needs.

To learn more about how the Kestrel Agriculture line of environmental meters and loggers can help ranch operators improve performance, minimize risk, and maximize profits, please visit

"High ambient temperatures have a negative effect on animal health and performance, costing billions of dollars in losses to global animal agriculture."
-Dr. Lance Baumgard, Iowa State University
"Heat Stress: What's the Gut Got to do with it?"
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