Accurate Weather Data
to Inform Your Mission

Trusted Environmental Readings for Critical Decision-Making

When your environmental reports determine the potential safety of comrades and communities - accurate, reliable data is essential. SOWTs lay the groundwork for the safe execution of military operations by gathering detailed site-specific weather information. HazMat first responders must quickly assess weather data at incident locations to recommend containment and evacuation plans.
Kestrel Environmental Monitoring Meters are relied on by professionals who demand accuracy and immediacy. Get every environmental condition in seconds. For complete portable weather station monitoring – mount the Kestrel on a tripod with the vane mount and log continuous environmental data. Where there's a need for accurate, rugged, on-site weather monitoring - Kestrel is the solution trusted worldwide by military and law enforcement professionals.

Law Enforcement

Within seconds of arriving at a scene, police, SWAT, special operations and first response personnel can gather the weather data they need quickly and accurately with a Kestrel 5500. The data logging capabilities of any Kestrel 5000 series meter provide fool-proof documentation of all historical data in the field, making incident report preparation a snap. Paired with the Portable Vane Mount and a tripod, a Kestrel 5500 is capable of measuring all parameters required for CAMEO©/ALOHA© plume modeling applications with no tedious setup.

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K9 Operations - Search & Rescue, Mine Removal

Effective and safe K9 operations require close monitoring of the wind speed, temperature and humidity conditions in the area where the dogs are working. Military K9 handlers carry a Kestrel in their pocket to enable them to know their conditions, wherever they are working with their dogs.

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This Kestrel does everything. It will calculate wind speed, tell you the wind direction, temperature, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure. This is your entire weather station in the palm of your hand.
Kestrel Customer, 10th Combat Weather Squadron

Combat Weather & Weather Recon

Weather personnel in all forces have come to rely on the Kestrel 5000 as a primary or backup meteorological instrument. Unmatched for accuracy and capability in its size and price range, the Kestrel 5000 and Kestrel 5500 measure virtually every critical weather parameter in the field or aboard ship with no setup required. Combat weathermen, in particular, find the Kestrel a critical tool in forward ground combat scenarios due to its extreme portability and virtually instant deployability.

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When performing the duties of a DZSO, I always use my Kestrel to accurately measure wind speed and direction in order to maintain safety for all jumpers.
- Anonymous, US Military Drop Zone Safety Officer

Drop Zone Safety

Every drop zone requires close monitoring of wind speeds by the DZSO. The Kestrel 1000 offers the simplest and most cost-effective solution for this need. $74 and featuring icon-based navigation to avoid language confusion, personnel can be taking accurate readings as soon as they reach the hilltop, with almost no training required. The Kestrel 5000 and Kestrel 5500 add the option to log readings with date and time stamp for later report preparation, as well as the ability to provide detailed ground weather reports (wind direction, crosswind, temperature, humidity, density altitude) to launch aircraft.

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NBC & HazMat Response

Wind speed and direction, together with temperature, humidity and air density, all impact the behavior and spread of a nuclear, biological, chemical or hazardous material release. The new Kestrel 5500, together with a lightweight Tripod Vane Mount, measures every parameter required for plume prediction and packs down to a case the size of a small paperback book.

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I fly a UAV... holding up a wet finger is not a very good wind gauge! Wind speed changes with elevation, usually increasing, so I also bought your tripod clamp, then attached the Kestrel to the end of a “selfie-stick” so I could get it a little higher in the air. I feel much safer flying my expensive drone when I know the wind conditions and don’t have to guess.
-UAV Operator

RPAs, UAVs, Drones

Ground weather is critical information when launching and recovering UAV's. The pocket-sized Kestrel 5000 can gather and log the full complement of data needed — wind speed, maximum wind gust, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and density altitude. No matter how isolated the UAV operators, they'll have the information they need to make sure their valuable aircraft will complete its mission safely and be ready to fly again.

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The Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker is one of the easiest monitors I have ever used. Just one more tool in the tool box to save lives and make decisions for safety in training.
-Kevin S., US Navy

Medic Support, Heat Stress & Exposure Monitoring

Extreme conditions of heat and cold are a fact of military life. Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters accurately measure temperature, humidity, heat stress, wet bulb temperature and wind chill, enabling good decision-making about work/rest periods, clothing, and hydration in both training and operations. Because a Kestrel is easy to carry and use, and requires no complex setup, personnel are more likely to take the measurements that will prevent accidents. For medics, automatic logging creates a reliable record of conditions for future report preparation.

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I use the Kestrel meter when in the field for Search and Rescue missions and when we need to call in helicopters for the rescue. The weather vane and tripod set up is useful for longer term data gathering like if you are stationed at a check point and have to relay weather information on a regular basis.
You could set up a tripod, mount the meter to it, link it to your phone, then run the app and record the weather information as needed. It will then give you a true wind direction and speed and not be affected by your body as you hold the meter.
-Scott R. Air Force Weather Team

Expeditionary Flight Operations, Medivac, Helicopters

The Kestrel 5000 and Kestrel 5500 are complete weather systems ideal for forward basing or lake bed flight operations. Both cell-phone sized units measure wind speed and the 5500 gives wind direction and calculates crosswind, headwind and tailwind automatically. They also measure density altitude, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, and log measurements over time for future reference and trend analysis. Even where CWX personnel are not available, troops on the ground equipped with a Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meter can provide needed landing zone weather data.

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Thermal Imaging (FLIR) Systems

Thermal Imaging (FLIR) Systems Relative humidity and ambient temperature affect the transmissivity of the air and impact the effectiveness of forward looking infrared cameras or thermal imaging systems. Many commonly used systems require user input of these parameters for most accurate results. Kestrel meters offer a lightweight, on-the-spot solution for measuring these and other relevant conditions instantly and accurately. The Kestrel's patented humidity sensor configuration yields unmatched accuracy and response speed in an instrument this size and price.

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