Weather Data that Helps You Take the Trophy


Improve your game by knowing your conditions.

Wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure, and density altitude are just a few of the conditions that can impact the success of your outdoor activity. When you’re planning to spend any length of time outside in the elements, it’s important to know what weather to expect so that you can prepare accordingly.
Environmental conditions can vary during an outdoor excursion when traveling across different altitudes, through dense brush, or near waterways - having instant access to real-time, accurate weather data gives you the advantage no matter where the adventure ends up. On the range, on the lake, in the tree stand, or back at camp - be equipped with a lightweight Kestrel meter or logger to always know your conditions.

Long Range Hunting

As a hunter, you need to know the exact trajectory of your bullet so you can make an effective, humane kill in one shot. Kestrel Ballistics Meters help you do just that by accurately measuring environmental conditions such as density altitude, temperature, and wind along with providing precise aiming solutions for first shot confidence. It also calculates the crosswind effect with respect to a target direction - invaluable when practicing and learning how to read the wind. Drop-tested, waterproof, and extremely durable, the Kestrel can be conveniently tossed in your pack or the back of your truck without fear of damage.

The Kestrel with Applied Ballistics is absolutely worth every penny. It has given me first hit shots on 1235m with my 300wm. The built in ballistic calculator from Applied Ballistics is spot on every time. It calculates everything right. I highly recommend it if you are serious about shooting.
Jardar Tenold, Long Range Shooting Instructor & Hunter

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Archery & Bow Hunting

The large side surface area of an arrow makes it far more subject to wind drift than other hunting projectiles. Even 5-10 MPH of crosswind requires wind compensation or arrow selection adjustment. You can drop tufts of grass to estimate the wind - or measure the wind speed to +/- 3% accuracy with a Kestrel. The Kestrel even calculates the exact crosswind effect with respect to a target direction - invaluable when practicing and learning how to read the wind.

When placing a tree stand for bowhunting season, consider wind conditions. Even stands at the best ambush sites won’t produce results if you aren’t downwind from the animal you’re hunting. If the wind changes to an unfavorable direction while you’re in a stand, wait 10 minutes for its direction to change.

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Figuring out when the fish will bite is easier when you know the weather - now, and in the recent past. Especially in shallow and fresh waters, slight changes in water temperature, barometric pressure and surface disturbance caused by wind all influence when fish are feeding. When pressure is rising or falling, fish activity will increase, making brighter or faster lures more effective. The Kestrel 2500 is the perfect fishing companion. It measures all those parameters, including water temperature - simply submerge the waterproof unit and hit "hold" to save the temperature. Plus it's durable enough to toss into your tackle box at the end of the day.

This device is amazing! Very compact design, sturdy, strong and light weight. The sensitive propeller is great for wind readings. I now easily can take wind speed, temperature, and time readings without any hassle while out of the water. I appreciate the olive color of my unit and the backlight is appropriately designed with a dimmer, less bright glare for subtle illumination.
Ben Harrison

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Predator & Varmint Hunting

Varmint activity is heavily influenced by wind, barometric pressure change, and precipitation. As just one example, coyote activity can be counted on to increase with rising barometric pressure after a storm front has passed. Most varmints are hunted at long range, requiring educated ballistics choices and skillful reading of the wind. Take the guesswork out of your next varmint hunt with a Kestrel 3500, 5000 or Kestrel Weather & Ballistics Meters.

I've had my Kestrel for a while now, and for me it's the only way to go. Barometric pressure and humidity are very important factors when shooting or working up loads. For shooting prairie dogs, Together with a laser rangefinder, you can dial in the first shot with amazing accuracy at long distances.
L. Cazador, Varmint Hunter

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Bush Piloting

Especially when flying in and out of remote locations, it's critical to know the weather. Safe operation of a small plane or helicopter requires accurate and up-to-the-minute local readings on density altitude, wind speed, barometric pressure, dewpoint and altitude. The new Kestrel 5500 features a crosswind and headwind/tailwind calculator, too, making it the perfect companion for pilots landing in extreme conditions.

Comparing a Kestrel with Ballistics to the ballistic computers that came before is like stepping out of the stone age into the 21st century. For such a small computer based item, each of mine has endured some of the worst conditions imaginable and just kept ticking. I look forward to many more years with that little wonder riding in my backpack pocket.
Anonymous Kestrel User

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Animal Behavior

The wind speed affects how well animals can hear and smell, causing them to be less active as wind speeds increase. Temperature influences the animals' comfort, restricting their activity if it's too cold or warm. Wind chill and heat stress give an even better indication of how the wind or humidity may influence the "real feel" of temperature on the animal. For most game, activity levels will rise or fall along with the barometric pressure. A Kestrel 5000 can track weather trends and give you current conditions to plan when and where to hunt.

This unit is easy to use, well built, and a very helpful tool for hunting. I really like how quick and easy it is to start collecting data - it's only a few seconds between digging it out of my pack and getting measurements.
-Justin M.

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Black Powder Hunting

As a black powder hunter, you get one shot at your quarry. so you need to make it count. You need to know the wind speed and direction to plan how to get close to your target, and track humidity, dew point and barometric pressure trends to anticipate weather changes and ensure you keep your powder dry. The Kestrel 3500 measures every one of these parameters in a 3.5-oz. package, maximizing your chance of success during muzzleloader season.

If you're hunting in the mountains... often times, we're awake and moving before the sun is up ao knowing what the current weather conditions are is difficult. [With the DROP] you could know dew point, barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature before ever getting out of your tent. This would let you know that a storm was on its way or that the day was going to be sunny and hot... all before you ever even took a look at the sky
Kestrel DROP D3 Review on

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