Kestrel Ballistics meters:
The solution for long-
range shooting accuracy

Always on Target

Storm chasers, spotters, emergency management officials, environmental researchers, and meteorologists all rely on the Kestrel for accurate, instantaneous weather information that be used to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us.
Make first round hits at any target you intend to shoot-Anonymous, US Army
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Competitive Shooters
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Kestrel 5700 Elite
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In PRS matches, competition is intense and conditions can vary. The Kestrel 5700 is the ideal shooting companion for winning in all types of weather. Offering firing solutions for multiple targets, an easy-to-view and simple to navigate multi-target screen, and access to an extensive AB library with the ability to save multiple gun profiles, you can customize and view the pertinent information you need to perform your best.
  • Target range and angle is instantly transmitted to the Kestrel for firing solution calculation.
  • Firing solution is returned to display devices, including range finders, on gun displays (coming soon), and apps.
  • Gun and bullet data, including Litz custom curves, can be selected on an app then downloaded to the Kestrel.
  • Multiple gun profiles can be transferred and backed up.
  • Kestrel Environmental readings can be input into ballistics apps and other ballistics calculators.
The Kestrel AB feeds real-time environmental data to a ballistic solver and spits out the numbers you need for wind and elevation. I can speak from experience that as long as you have fed it correct information about your ammunition, it will yield real data that will improve your hit percentage on target. This is a essential part of my kit now and I can't imagine going back. Big thanks to Kestrel for supporting the shooting sports.Jeremy Kisner, Precision Rifle Shooter