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Barometric pressure is pressure adjusted to sea level. You need reference altitude to calculate this number. This is used to equate pressures independent of the altitude in order to view pressure changes/storm fronts. This calculation is typically used in meteorology.

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  1. Start with a known; either current barometric pressure or current altitude. (NK recommends identifying your current altitude since it is constant.)
  2. Enter this reference altitude on the barometric pressure screen.
    • For K1000-K3500 you would enter this by pressing both outside buttons.
  3. Take note of the updated barometric pressure that is shown.
  4. Use this updated barometric pressure as your reference pressure on the altitude screen.
  5. Now your barometric pressure and altitude are set for your current location/conditions. Important note: If you change altitude the barometric pressure will become inaccurate. If a weather system moves in, the altitude will become inaccurate.

For more info check out our YouTube video on Setting Reference Pressure and Reference Altitude on the Kestrel 4000 series!

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There is no barometric pressure reading on the DROP D3. Currently only station pressure is provided. Station pressure is the pressure felt at the current location without adjusting for altitude. Station pressure is used in applications like ballistics and auto racing. Typically barometric pressure is only used for weather related phenomenon. Barometric pressure may be added in a future release.

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