Kestrel Instruments Support & FAQs

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We changed the way that the rifle twist is entered with firmware 1.20 and higher. If you have an 11 inch rifle twist, please enter this as 1:11.00 in. This is read as a 1 rotation in every 11 inches of barrel travel. Previously this was just entered as 11.00 in. If instead you have a 9 inch twist, it would be entered as 1:9.00 in.

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This program only runs on Windows platforms. For 5700 units, it is required to use our USB connection cable to use this program

This program is used to transfer gun profiles to and from a Kestrel ballistics unit and Windows computer. 4500 Ballistic models can use either Bluetooth or the PC Interface cradle but must have fw version 4.93. 5700 models must use the USB Transfer cable to connect. Instructions included in zip file.

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