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Yes. With firmware update 1.35 (or higher), there are new menu options in the Bluetooth submenu. Change Conct to Device and you will see Device Connect and HUD Connect. Select HUD Connect to pair with a HUD. Press the center button to start searching for a HUD. The HUD needs to be turned on to show up. Select it when it appears after “Searching for Devices” is completed. To connect to a compatible Laser Range Finder, do the same process but select Device Connect. It should not matter in which order you choose to pair the devices. You will see two Bluetooth icons on the main firing screen when connected to both (see image)

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Press and hold the far right button (2 seconds) to toggle between the various screens. You can turn these screens on or off in the main menu if you do not plan to use them. The screens in order are:

  • Single Target
  • Single Target - Large Font
  • Target Card (Elite Only)
  • Target Card - Large Font (Elite Only)
  • DOPE Card (Elite Only)
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The remote mimics the middle three buttons on the HUD so you do not have to physically press the buttons on the HUD. The remote can be mounted so that you can remain in a prone position and change options such as target or range without having to shift your position. It is not necessary to use the HUD with the remote however.

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We currently only have a mount that works on a Picatinny rail (which is included). We are currently looking for partners to help develop different mounting options for customers who do not have Picatinny rail mounts. Hopefully this could be an option at some point in the future

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