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Please see this guidance

This tutorial will show you how you can now change DOF and have your Wind Direction change. This setting can be found in all 5700s with firmware version 1.41 (or higher).

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We currently only have a mount that works on a Picatinny rail (which is included). We are currently looking for partners to help develop different mounting options for customers who do not have Picatinny rail mounts. Hopefully this could be an option at some point in the future

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Please see this guide here:

A quick diagram of how to measure bullet length

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Please make sure to turn off either the Kestrel or the HUD after using them. While both have an Auto Shutdown mode (when enabled), neither unit will turn off when connected to each other. Therefore if you throw a connected Kestrel and HUD into your bag when finished shooting, neither will turn off until the battery dies (or you eventually turn them off).

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Our DROPs use the standard CR2025 battery coin cell which can provide 3-4 months of battery life. If you want, the DROPs can use a CR2050 battery which can get you an extra month or two of battery life, however you will need to change the battery door and purchase a Kestrel 123 battery door for the DROP to make it fit

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