Kestrel Ballistics Accessories

Kestrel has developed partnerships with some of the best accessory providers in the LRS market. We are proud to offer a full line of Kestrel accessories to increase the effectiveness and use of a Kestrel Ballistics handheld weather meter!
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  1. Sig Sauer KILO2400BDX 7x25mm Laser Rangefinder
    Sig Sauer KILO2400BDX 7x25mm Laser Rangefinder
    Long range laser rangefinder built by SIG and trusted by the best military and competitive long range shooters in the world. LiNK compatible to send target information to the Kestrel for fast solutions engaging targets at extreme long range. Learn More
    was $959.99 Special Price $799.99
  2. Kestrel Impeller
    Individually calibrated replacement impeller for ALL Kestrel models. Learn More
  3. MOD DOS Multi-Functional Platform
    MOD DOS Multi-Functional Platform

    The Mod Dos is a multi functional platform designed to serve a myriad of applications. This new design is equipped with a machined in Arca Swiss plate, while maintaining the ability to convert either to Manfrotto, Picatinny, or the ultra light Outdoorsman.

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  4. Armageddon Gear Kestrel Pocket
    Custom made protective case with durable zipper and hard sides encase a soft, padded interior for your Kestrel meter. Learn More
  5. Mystery Ranch Pouch

    Now you can carry your Kestrel and laser range finder together in one convenient  MOLLE carry pouch, custom made by Mystery Ranch.


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  6. E-Dope Card
    Sunlight readable, e-Ink display that uploads the Kestrel shooting solutions from your LiNK ballistics app, then attaches to a gun mounted data board allowing shooters to engage multiple targets faster. Learn More
  7. Pelican 1015 Micro Case
    Keep your Kestrel safe with this sturdy polycarbonate case. Learn More
  8. Kestrel Tactical MOLLE-Compatible Case with Clip
    This case is designed for military personnel wishing to carry their Kestrel on a MOLLE/PALS mounting system. Learn More
  9. Kestrel 4000/5000 Series Tactical MOLLE Carry Case, Berry Compliant

    This case is designed for military personnel wishing to carry their Kestrel on a MOLLE/PALS mounting system.

    Due to overwhelming demand, the tan product is temporarily sold out. Please contact us at 800-784-4221 if you would like to discuss other options.

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  10. Kestrel Portable Rotating Vane Mount with MOLLE Carry Case - Kestrel 5 Series

    Turn your Kestrel 5 Series meter into a complete weather station with this lightweight, portable vane mount accessory. Includes a MOLLE/PALS compatible, Berry-compliant, tactical carry case.

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  11. 6-3BRAVO Kestrel Kydex Holster

    6-3 Bravo is a veteran owned business that designs and manufactures quality products for professionals with a focus on Mil, LE and First Responder operators. Their custom Kydex Kestrel holster provides quick access and secure storage for Kestrel 5 Series units.

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  12. Silva Starter 1-2-3 Compass
    This compass has 2° graduation lines as well as large numerals at every 20° mark, and its clear base plate makes it easy to read a map and set bearings. Learn More
  13. Kestrel Tripod Clamp

    Hold your Kestrel Meter securely with this simple mounting clamp that can be attached to tripods or extension poles with a ¼-20 mounting screw. 

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  14. Kestrel Collapsible Lightweight Tripod

    A tripod fitted with the same Kestrel friendly clamp as on our mini tripod. Will accommodate any Kestrel model. Or remove the clamp to attach the Vane Mount.

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  15. Portable Tripod with Clamp

    Clamp any Kestrel into this sturdy and lightweight tripod to take readings in the field.

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