Using Kestrel DROP to Measure Heat Index for Horses

Using Kestrel DROP to Measure Heat Index for Horses

When it's hot and humid, humans aren’t the only species that suffer from overheating. Horses and other livestock feel the discomfort of heat and humidity, and measuring heat index with Kestrel DROP D2AG can help protect your horses.

What is Heat Index?

According to the National Weather Service, heat index is also known as apparent temperature. It’s the measurement of what the temperature feels like outside to humans (and horses) outside when relative humidity is combined with air temperature.

What Heat Index Means to Your Horse

A horse’s normal internal body temperature ranges from 100 to 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If a horse’s temperature reaches 105 degrees, it begins to become confused and uncoordinated. When its temperature reaches beyond 111.5, the tissues can begin to break down.

US Polo provides the following chart and information on monitoring heat index for horses as it provides solid general guiedelines for working your horse:

Horse Heat Stress

If the sum of the temperature (in F) and humidity is:

  • Less than 130 - no problem.
  • Greater than 150 - use caution, especially if the humidity is greater than half of the total.
  • Greater than 180 - use extreme caution, since normal cooling is almost ineffectual and horses may resort to panting.

It's important to measure the heat index for horses for their own health and safety. Horses can have heat strokes just like humans, and the Kestrel DROP D2AG is the ideal tool for preventing serious consequences from overheating.

Using Kestrel DROP for Monitoring Horse Heat Index

There are several Kestrel DROP meters that measure both temperature and humidity (the parameters of the Horse Heat Index), including:

Kestrel DROP D2AG Datalogger

However, Kestrel DROP D2AG is specifically designed for measuring heat stress for livestock, including horses. This device gives measurements for temperature, relative humidity, heat stress index, dew point temperature and temperature-humidity index. For users interested in the Horse Heat Index, simply add the displayed temperature and RH readings from your LiNK dashboard to quickly assess conditions.

For accurate readings, simply hang the Kestrel DROP D2AG wherever needed to monitor heat index conditions. The device is portableand can be easily used in areas such as barns, stables, pens, and even during transport for exhibition and shows. It’s also a top-choice product for horse transporters, weighing in at only 1.2 ounces for a convenient-to-carry device.

The device operates with a single cell battery and stores thousands of data points along with months of logging. This product is drop tested and includes a 5-year warranty.

Consider Kestrel DROP D2AG for Heat Index Monitoring.

Heat index monitoring for horses is accurately tracked and recorded with Kestrel DROP D2AG. Consider this device as a horse farmer, breeder, trainer, transporter, and more.

As a horse professional, you care about the welfare of our equine partners.  Both you and your horses can stay healthy in the summer heat with some simple math and a Kestrel DROP D2AG.

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