People Behind the Products

People Behind the Products

Nielsen Kellerman Company (NK) has been building products sold worldwide in Delaware County, PA for thirty years and continues to expand across product lines and customer markets. We are proud of our local roots, and we are thrilled that our continued growth here results not only in innovation and product advancements for our customers – but is allowing us to give back to the local community through job creation and stability. The products we build right here at our headquarters are shipped around the globe to meet the varying needs of a diverse range of customers seeking to succeed in their passion or profession.

NK Around the World

  • In every boat at the Olympic games helping elite athletes perform their best.

  • On the sidelines at major marathons and professional sports events monitoring for heat stress.

  • At the face of natural wonders and disasters, helping researchers study impacts on weather and keeping people safe.

  • Balanced on the edge of snowy observation posts supplying scientists with data on changing climate patterns.

  • Appearing in many Hollywood movies...

  • ... and network TV shows to add authenticity to a scene.

NK tools end up in many far-reaching places across every continent. But it starts here – with a dedicated team of people building reliable, quality products to send out into the world. In upcoming blog posts, we're shining a spotlight on some of the people who help make NK products.