Kestrel Tech Support: How to Set Wind Direction

The Kestrel and Applied Ballistics tech support teams receive a lot of questions regarding the proper way to find wind direction with a Kestrel. Keep in mind the best and easiest way to get wind direction is using a wind vane mount. However, if you are doing this by hand use the following as your guide:

Step 1 - Find the wind's general direction.

Step 2 - Rotate the Kestrel almost 90 degrees (like when you calibrate the compass), so that the wind is impacting the side and not the back of the wind meter, while still being able to see the impeller.

Step 3 - Fine tune the direction of the Kestrel until the impeller drastically slows, or comes to a complete stop (a complete stop is preferred). It might be impossible to get the impeller to come to a complete stop, so finding the direction which has the lowest impact on the impeller is the next best option.

Step 4 - Now turn the back of the Kestrel into the direction the wind is coming from, press the capture button, and capture your wind speed. Important Note: DO NOT point the back side of the Kestrel into the wind until you see the highest wind speed. This is the incorrect method for finding wind direction.

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