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  1. See you in Atlanta for the NRA Annual Meetings!

    See you in Atlanta for the NRA Annual Meetings!

    Kestrel Ballistics will be attending the NRA Annual Meetings taking place in Atlanta, GA on April 28-30, featuring the latest improvements to their rugged environmental and ballistics weather meters. The Kestrel Ballistics line of portable weather meters and data loggers continues to add to its list of compatible technology partners with laser range finders and other accessories that work with the Kestrel Elite for long-distance shooting solutions.

  2. Kestrel At CORE Gas Gun PRS

    Kestrel At CORE Gas Gun PRS

    Recently, Katie Godfrey, Kestrel’s Global Account Executive, participated in her first PRS match at the CORE Gas Gun Precision Rifle Series. Katie is certainly no stranger to the gun range and now it sounds like you can expect to see her more often on the PRS circuit. Check out this Q & A with Katie, for first-timer tips and to see how she placed.

  3. Kestrel Ballistics at the 2017 SHOT Show

    Kestrel Ballistics at the 2017 SHOT Show

    See Kestrel Ballistics Meters in Action at SHOT Booth 1946!

    Kestrel has been working hard for the last year to bring you new innovations in the science of accurate shooting. To see soon-to-be-released feature additions to the Kestrel Elite with Applied Ballistics, as well as exciting new integrations with industry leading range finders, make sure you mark your map to visit Kestrel at Booth 1946.

  4. Interviewing Bryan Litz of Applied Ballistics | Kestrel Instruments

    Bryan Litz, President and Founder of Applied Ballistics recently visited the Nielsen-Kellerman headquarters where the Kestrel 5700 Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics is made to discuss what’s new and what’s next in shooting technology.

  5. Kestrel Tech Support: How to Set Wind Direction

    The Kestrel and Applied Ballistics tech support teams receive a lot of questions regarding the proper way to find wind direction with a Kestrel. Keep in mind the best and easiest way to get wind direction is using a wind vane mount. However, if you are doing this by hand use the following as your guide:

  6. Gateway to the Battlefield: A Sniper and His Optic

    A defining moment for a sniper is when he can positively identify a threat within his area of operation and exercise certain actions, from an intelligence report to target neutralization. The ability to identify a target is vital in a stability operation or counterinsurgency (COIN) environment, where precisely aimed fire is at a premium and collateral damage isn’t an option.

  7. Kestrel Meters Critical to Sniper Training

    Kestrel meters play an important role in sniper training and operations, supplying all relevant environmental conditions needed for accuracy in long-distance shooting. With instant heat stress index and optional Bluetooth data transfer capabilities, the Kestrel 4000 series also allows instructors to monitor the health and safety of personnel during training in extreme, potentially dangerous conditions.


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