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  1. Air Flow Made Easy

    Air Flow Made Easy

    According to Rob Falke, President of the National Comfort Institute, balancing an HVAC system β€œis the single-most important step that can be taken to assure your systems produce comfort and operate efficiently.” One of the key steps in balancing a system, new or old, is to make sure the airflow coming from each duct is enough to meet demand. ASHRAE Standard 111 covers the procedures to be used when measuring, testing, adjusting, and balancing an HVAC system. While calculations can be made using a few tools and some math, the Kestrel 5200 Professional meter does the work for you. Take a look at the steps involved in determining Volume Air Flow without a Kestrel:

  2. Kestrel Calibration FAQs

    All Kestrel meters are accurate and rugged right out of the box. Because Kestrel meters last a long time -- often operating in extreme environments – there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to calibration. Below are some quick tips on Kestrel 5000 series calibration needs.

  3. Heat Stress Safety for Student Athletes

    Heat Stress Safety for Student Athletes

    There have been 550 fatalities among high school athletes between 1982-2015 resulting from exertional heat stress and related injuries.

    Tragedy like this can be prevented.

  4. Understanding Environmental Heat Stress

    This article has been republished from For Athletic Trainers with permission from the Korey Stringer Institute, a leader in heat stress awareness, education, and advocacy driven by a mission to maximize performance, optimize safety, and prevent sudden death due to the effects of exertional heat stress.

    By: Yuri Hosokawa, PhD, ATC, LAT, Korey Stringer Institute, University of Connecticut

    As the brutal summer heat takes a toll across the country, high school athletes and youth sport leagues are ramping up their summer camps and pre-season workouts in preparation for the fall season. While the importance of hydration is often emphasized during summer workouts, the use of environmental-based activity modification guidelines is often overlooked. The two major roles of environmental monitoring and activity modification guidelines are: (1) to minimize prolonged exposure to dangerous heat stress and (2) to optimize the use of practice time in the heat without overstraining the athletes.

  5. Canadian Sniper Team: Going Inside the Record-Breaking Long Distance Shot

    Recently, the Washington Post ran a story on the Canadian Special Operations sniper that successfully shot an ISIS target in Iraq from more than 2 miles away. It’s being reported as breaking a world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in history. This feat beats the previous record for longest confirmed kill shot in combat by 1,065 meters.

  6. Kestrel Meter Found More Accurate Than Sling in Lab Test

    Accurate weather readings are essential for the safe and effective management of wildland fires. The ideal weather monitoring tool must be easy to use, extremely accurate, and quick to deploy. Both the sling psychrometer and Kestrel Weather Meter have been used for decades by firefighters to gather environmental conditions. Which device performs at the highest level of accuracy? This question was put to the test in a lab setting by PhysioZing, an affiliate company of The Montana Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism and frequent research collaborators with the Montana Technology and Development Center (MTDC) at The University of Montana.

  7. Catching up with Kestrel Precision Shootout winner Dave Preston

    Catching up with Kestrel Precision Shootout winner Dave Preston

    This past April Kestrel Ballistics was once again the title sponsor of the Kestrel Precision Shootout at Peacemaker National Training Center in Gerrardstown, WV. A few new wrinkles were added to the competition this year, including a charity shoot on zero day benefiting Over $3,000 was raised, a true testament to the kindness and generosity of the PRS community.

  8. Preventing Spray Drift

    Dicamba has been in the headlines frequently due to the large-scale incidents of drift damage from illegal or improper application of the chemical in farming operations. The on-site weather at time of application has a significant impact on the risk of drift and should be incorporated into planning spray activities to avoid the potential risk and costly waste of spray drift.

  9. WBGT: A Key Measurement in Preventing Heat Stress Injury

    WBGT: A Key Measurement in Preventing Heat Stress Injury

    Heat stress is a condition that occurs when the body is unable to regulate its internal temperature and cool itself through sweating. Heat stress shows many symptoms and encompasses several heat-induced illnesses such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat rashes. These conditions are more likely to occur during hot summer months, but may affect workers and athletes in various climates and conditions year round. The most common composite measurement used to determine appropriate exposure to heat stress conditions is Wet Bulb Globe Temperature or "WBGT".

  10. See you in Atlanta for the NRA Annual Meetings!

    See you in Atlanta for the NRA Annual Meetings!

    Kestrel Ballistics will be attending the NRA Annual Meetings taking place in Atlanta, GA on April 28-30, featuring the latest improvements to their rugged environmental and ballistics weather meters. The Kestrel Ballistics line of portable weather meters and data loggers continues to add to its list of compatible technology partners with laser range finders and other accessories that work with the Kestrel Elite for long-distance shooting solutions.


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