Author: Katie Godfrey

  1. All About Muzzle Velocity

    All About Muzzle Velocity

    Truing your muzzle velocity is an important step for achieving shooting accuracy, though I often hear shooters say that they skip it. I've found that the ones who tend to skip that step, are also, frequently, the same shooters that then talk about missing the mark at long range shots.

  2. Precision Rifle Shooting: Rookie Experience & Insider Tips

    Precision Rifle Shooting: Rookie Experience & Insider Tips

    I am a competitive person. I admit it. I actually enjoy beating my kids in mini golf. I have competed at all levels, particularly in sports starting with little league softball to the recent World Championship Dragon Boat Competition 2017. When I approached the starting line at the World Championships, fully aware of the USA team name splashed across the back of my shirt, it made me pause to reflect and take a deep breath. I was poised and ready to win. This type of excitement and purpose is echoed in other passion sports like shooting.


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