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  1. The American Kestrel Nest Box Program

    American Kestrels are North America's smallest species of falcon, and the only species of Kestrel found on this continent. These small, charismatic, aerial predators are about the size of a dove and are easily identified by their distinct plumage. Kestrels are one of the few raptors that are sexually dimorphic, meaning males and females are easily recognizable. Both males and females have creamy chests with black spots and black "slashes" or "mustaches" under their eyes. Males have slate blue wings, rufus backs spotted with black spots, and a black subterminal band on their tail. Females' backs and shoulders are fully rufus with black spots, and their tails are alternating rufus and black barring.

  2. Kestrel Meters: Training Tool for Better Long Range Shooting

    Kestrel Meters: Training Tool for Better Long Range Shooting

    As a long-range rifle instructor, I get asked all the time about the equipment we use to accomplish our long-range shots. Equipment and techniques change over time with advancements in technology, but some have serious staying power. I started shooting long range long before there was even a laser range finder available to get accurate distances. The one item that has been a constant in my long-range kit from very early on has been a Kestrel weather station of one model or another. The first Kestrel I had was before they even had other models. That unit was simply a "Kestrel Weather Meter".


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