Accurate and Remote Environmental Monitoring with Kestrel® DROP Data Loggers

Data loggers serve as indispensable tools across a wide range of industries and applications. Among the numerous options available, the Kestrel® DROP data loggers stand out for their portability, accuracy, and versatility. Whether you need to monitor conditions as a researcher, a grower, an agricultural operator, homeowner, an outdoor enthusiast, or a professional in various fields, you’ll find Kestrel DROP data loggers offer a reliable solution. In this blog, we explore the many uses of Kestrel DROP data loggers and how they can benefit you.

Kestrel DROP in a greenhouse

Monitoring Temperature and Humidity Conditions at Any Location

Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels is vital in various settings, such as homes, sheds, manufacturing, commercial property facilities, and agriculture operations. Kestrel DROP data loggers allow you to continuously monitor these conditions and provide real-time insights. You can access live and historical weather data remotely by using the Kestrel LiNK app on your mobile device. By tracking temperature and humidity trends, you can identify potential issues, prevent damage to sensitive equipment or stored goods, and create a comfortable environment for living or working.

Download the Kestrel LiNK app for iOS or Android here.

Environmental Tracking on the Job

Manufacturing: In the manufacturing industry, maintaining optimal environmental conditions is vital for ensuring product quality and process efficiency. Kestrel DROP data loggers enable real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, and other parameters in manufacturing facilities. This data helps manufacturers identify potential issues, optimize production environments, and adhere to quality standards, ultimately improving overall manufacturing operations.

Humidity for Woodworking Jobs: Woodworkers understand the significance of proper humidity control for their projects. Kestrel DROP data loggers offer a practical solution for monitoring and managing humidity levels in woodworking shops. By accurately measuring and tracking humidity, woodworkers can prevent issues such as warping, cracking, or excessive moisture absorption, ensuring the integrity and longevity of their crafted pieces.

Transportation and Shipping: During transportation and shipping, maintaining optimal conditions for perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, or sensitive equipment is crucial. Kestrel DROP data loggers can be employed to monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors during transit. This ensures that products are not exposed to unfavorable conditions, safeguarding their quality, efficacy, and integrity.

Field & Lab Research: For researchers, data accuracy and reliability are paramount. Kestrel DROP data loggers provide precise measurements of temperature, humidity, and other environmental parameters, making them ideal for scientific studies. Whether you're studying plant growth, animal behavior, or weather patterns, these data loggers ensure you capture essential data points for analysis and research purposes.

“I used two Kestrel DROPs for an experiment exploring biomimicry in Saguaro Cacti for passive heat reduction. These tiny meters held up for the several weeks of nonstop readings when the temperature was well over 100°F on a daily basis.”
-Steen H. DROP customer

Education: Kestrel DROP data loggers have found a place in educational settings, empowering students and educators alike. By utilizing these data loggers, students can collect and analyze real-world data, fostering a deeper understanding of scientific concepts. Whether it's monitoring temperature fluctuations, humidity variations, or atmospheric pressure changes, Kestrel DROP data loggers enable hands-on learning experiences, making science education more engaging and practical.

Fire Weather Conditions: In regions prone to wildfires or for fire management professionals, understanding fire weather conditions is crucial. Kestrel DROP data loggers help monitor environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and barometric pressure. This data aids in predicting fire behavior, assessing fire risk, and making informed decisions to mitigate potential fire hazards.

K9 Heat Stress: Working dogs, such as police and military dogs, search and rescue canines, and service animals, are susceptible to heat stress during intense operations. Kestrel DROP data loggers provide a means to monitor and assess environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and heat index, ensuring the safety and well-being of these dedicated K9 partners. By keeping a close eye on these factors, handlers can make informed decisions to prevent heat-related incidents.

Livestock Housing Conditions: Maintaining optimal conditions for livestock is crucial to their health and well-being. Kestrel DROP data loggers enable farmers and ranchers to monitor temperature, humidity, and ventilation in livestock housing areas. By ensuring appropriate conditions, such as proper temperature, farmers can promote animal comfort, prevent heat stress and cold stress, and enhance overall livestock wellness and productivity.

Click here to learn more about managing environmental stress in calves and ensuring that animals are in the best conditions possible to survive.

Easy Temperature and Humidity Sensors for Inside & Outside the Home

Indoor Plants and Composting: Maintain a healthy environment for your indoor plants by tracking humidity levels and ensuring they receive the ideal amount of moisture.

Check out this blog to hear from a customer how DROPs are used to improve indoor composting results.

Basements and Crawl Spaces: Prevent mold growth and maintain a dry, comfortable environment in basements and crawl spaces by monitoring humidity levels and taking necessary actions to control moisture.

Humidity Conditions for Cigars: Cigar enthusiasts understand the significance of proper humidity control for preserving the flavor and quality of their cigars. Kestrel DROP data loggers offer a portable and accurate solution for monitoring humidity conditions in humidors or cigar storage areas. With precise measurements, aficionados can ensure that their prized cigars are stored in the optimal humidity range, guaranteeing a delightful smoking experience every time.

Hiking and Outdoor Activities: Outdoor enthusiasts, including hikers, campers, and backpackers, can benefit from Kestrel DROP data loggers during their adventures. By monitoring temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions, hikers can stay informed about changing weather patterns and ensure they are adequately prepared for potential weather-related challenges. These data loggers also provide valuable insights for planning outdoor activities and ensuring personal safety.

“I bought a DROP D3 for backpacking. It's wonderful. The Kestrel LiNK app connects to DROPs and shows me the temperature, humidity and pressure at a glance. I can adjust how often those readings are taken and the app will log all readings on a separate page & on a graph. It’s great for hiking, but I quickly realized that having a portable and highly accurate thermometer with remote readings was also a valuable tool around the house. (I finally diagnosed what was wrong with my refrigerator!) I'm very happy with the D3 and I've tossed the tiny, unreadable thermometer I used to carry on my pack in favor of this.”
Sam H. Kestrel DROP customer

Greenhouses: Create the perfect conditions for your plants in a greenhouse by monitoring both temperature and humidity levels, ensuring optimal growth and cultivation.

Vacation Homes: Keep an eye on the temperature and humidity of your vacation home remotely, helping to prevent issues like frozen pipes or excess moisture buildup.

Mold Prevention: Identify and address potential mold-prone areas by monitoring humidity levels, helping to prevent mold growth and maintain a healthy living environment.

HVAC Efficiency: Optimize energy efficiency and comfort by monitoring temperature variations in different rooms and adjusting your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems accordingly.

By using Kestrel DROP data loggers for temperature, humidity, heat stress monitoring and more monitoring, you can gain insights, make informed decisions, and take proactive steps to maintain comfort and safety and optimize performance.

Conclusion: The Kestrel DROP data loggers offer a wide array of applications across various industries and activities. From manufacturing and woodworking to K9 heat stress monitoring, transportation and shipping, education, and storm watching, these versatile devices provide invaluable insights and data for improved decision-making, enhanced safety, and optimized processes. With their precision and reliability, Kestrel DROP data loggers continue to empower professionals and enthusiasts in their respective fields.