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To take accurate measurements, ensure your Kestrel meter is exposed to ambient air flow and ensure sunlight is not directly hitting the white tip of the temperature sensor. For measurements not involving Black Globe Temperature (WBGT, Naturally Aspirated Wet Bulb, etc) it is best to take measurements in the shade. Allow up to 15 minutes or more for sensors (particularly humidity) to equilibrate when moved to a new environment and place the unit in a location that is representative of the general area you are monitoring. When holding the unit, be sure to keep your fingers below the top of the finger groove on the rear of the case and away from the humidity sensor hole on the back of the unit. A Kestrel Vane Mount is a good tool for ensuring your Kestrel is always oriented into the wind and isolated from influences that could cause erroneous readings. For more information on taking accurate measurements see Tips for Taking Accurate Measurements.

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