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57005700 Elite
Performance Features
G1/G7 Drag Models in Mil, TMOA, SMOA, in, cm, ClicksXX
Corrects for Wind, Temp, & Altitude ChangesXX
LiNK Connectivity (Bluetooth Low Energy)XX
Easy ModeXX
MV Calibration & Muzzle VelocityXX
Range Card X
Gun Profile Storage3 Guns30 Guns
Subsonic Range Truing (Drop Scale Factor) X
Multi Target Screen X
Applied Ballistics Custom Curves X
Utility Features
Aerodynamic Cross Wind JumpXX
Spin Drift CorrectionXX
MV Temp TableXX
Target Lead CalculatorXX
Target Speed EstimatorXX
Target Range EstimatorXX
5500 yd Max Range X
Zero Offset X
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Yes. You can purchase an upgrade from the website and a file will be emailed to you that will allow you to remotely upgrade your unit.  The upgrade needs to be done on a Windows machine, however, so customers can choose between a Bluetooth dongle and USB cable depending on preferred connection method.

You can purchase the upgrade here: Kestrel Sportsman to Elite upgrade

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